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A detailed consultation

Hair color created specifically for your hair type 

Balayage placement designed for your look.  

Color Correction to compliment your features

dimensional balayage and foilayage color services that we have created customized for every customer at our Birmingham Michigan hair salon


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I'm Eda; I have 17 years of experience as a customized hair colorist. I excel with color formulation and advanced signature balayage techniques. I have been honored to work on a couple of local movie sets in Michigan and on Hollywood stars & influencers, including Amy McCarthy, Corrina Roshea, and Jack Nasser. You may have seen me and my work featured on FOX2 News Detroit on multiple occasions.

During my business journey, I had the opportunity to serve our community by delivering the best balayage in Michigan, the most advanced balayaging techniques to complement your look that will last weeks, even months to come. 

Eda did a wonderful job. She really made me feel welcomed by listening to what I wanted. She was honest about the time it would take, and provided a cost upfront, so there weren't any surprises. She is very friendly and professional. I love how my hair turned out, I feel beautiful. Thanks Eda!!

Amanda Erwin

Eda is a true Artist! She throughly explained the process from start to finish. I have been getting my hair highlighted for over 25 years and I have never had anyone actually do what they say. Before I saw Eda, I went to a very reputable salon in Sterling Heights on June 23rd and the stylist over processed and damaged my hair, it has been breaking and snapping off over the last several weeks. I thought I might have to shave my hair off..I was so upset...Few weeks later I knew I had to search for another stylist and pray that they knew what they were doing. When I met Eda, she was extremely honest and told me my hair was fragile, damaged and would have to cut at lease 2-4 inches off everywhere. (As you can see in the Before pics). She was so careful throughout the process. Eda said it may take two sessions to achieve the color I want.. I was so amazed at the end result , (Pics don't do it justice) I almost started to cry. She saved my hair, made me feel like me again! I will never go anywhere else! I can't wait to have the next session! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Eda, I feel like my hair is pretty again! XO

Dawn McNabb

Ada is highly skilled and truly an artist. She did an amazing job on my balayage from the first appointment. Before seeing her, I had been to two different salons and three different stylist for several appointments each over the last year and a half, and yet could not get the right shade of balayage for my dark hair. Ada talked to me and listened to what I wanted. Very happy with the results! Highly recommend her, she is amazing!!!

Anne Campbell

Thank you for visiting my online balayage salon! I am so excited you're here! 💖


Just because you see gray in your hair doesn't mean you can't create a low maintenance look, looks seamless, and has dimensions with super shiny balayage highlights! Yes, girl, you can have it all!! 🙌

Women over the age of 35 start to lose natural glow, and the skin and the hair begin to look pale, dull, or worn-out. There’s a reason for the term “youthful glow.”

Dull hair is one of the first signs of aging, and while most of us use different elements or different products to make us look fresher and younger, having a professional hair stylist by your side is the best defense.

My goal as your stylist is to eliminate harsh and brassy highlights and deliver a softer, more lived-in look by adding dimensions that will make your hair color stand out. 

As a balayage master and hairdresser I specialize in creating natural-looking hair color through the technique of balayage and foilayage.

If you’ve been searching the internet for the “best balayage salon near me,” you’ve found what you are looking for.  Please hover over to Contact Us page to book an appointment at our balayage hair salon in Birmingham, Michigan today.

Hi, I am Eda! If you'd like to know more about my journey and how I became a hairstylist, please click HERE

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