Whether your salon visits are every six weeks or twice a year, my intention is to not only give you the best hair experience ever but also recommend the best services suited to your features and fit your lifestyle.




  • Blowout $53
  • Haircut & Blowout $75
  • Blow Out with extensions $70 
  • Men’s Cut $45



  • Color & Go $50
  • Toner/Gloss $53
  • Toner & Cut & Blowout $128
  • Color Retouch  $90 (gray coverage 4-6 weeks growth)
  • Color Melt $145 (suitable to melt the lines of demarcation at the same time to refresh the brassy tones and create a creamy finished look) 
  • Color Retouch & Blow Out  $143
  • Color Retouch & Cut  $165
  • Color Retouch & Toner & Blowout $196
  • Color Retouch & Toner & Cut & Style $218 (The haircut service comes with a blow out and a style)
  • Color Package $210 New (includes Color Retouch/Color Melt, Toner, Cut, Olaplex Treatments, and Blowout)


  • Partial Balayage $175
  • Foilayage $185
  • Balayage $200
  • Balayage & Blowout $253
  • Balayage & Cut & Style $275 
  • Balayage & Cut & Toner & Style $325 
  • Balayage Package $265 New ( Includes balayage, cut, toner, Olaplex treatments, and Blowout and style)



  • Balayage & Color Retouch $290
  • Balayage & Color Retouch & Cut $370 
  • Balayage & Color Melt $345 (mainly used for color corrections)
  • Balayage & Color Melt & Haircut $420 
  • Combo Package $295 New (Balayage & Color Package: Includes Balayage, Color Melt or color Retouch, Toner, Hydration Treatments, Haircut, and Blowout)  Available only when the color and balayage services are performed at the same time.  Due to the different hair histories for each person, this package may not apply to all hair types on the first salon visit. Please schedule a free consultation appointment to clarify whether your hair qualifies for this package on your first visit.  



 *Hair packages consist of personalized color formulation, color melt, modern balayage, dimensional balayage, or foilayage. 

Color Package $210

Color +Toner + Cut+ Bond Multiplier + Style

Originally $315.

The color artist creates and applies a personalized base color for your hair to enhance your features. Followed up with a toner or glaze.
The color package is an excellent choice if you need gray coverage and want to enhance or refresh the dimensions of your exciting tones with your new growth. In addition includes blond multiplier treatment, haircut & style.

Salon visit 2-2.1/2 hours.
Follow-up appointment 4-6 wks.


Balayage/Foilayage Package $265 

Balayage/Foilayage +Toner + Cut+Bond Multplier +Style.

Originally $380. 

Balayage/foilayage highlights are added to hair in large or small swaths, creating a personalized placement. This package is an excellent choice if you have a base color you like and want to go a couple of shades lighter in certain areas or contour your facial features.
 A toner or glaze is added to enhance the dimensions of the new hair tones.
Includes hair cut, bonding treatments, blow dry, and style.
This package excludes high-contract ombre or hair transformation. 

Salon visit 2-2.1/2 hrs. 
Follow-up appointment 3-4 months


Combo Package $295

Balayage/Foilayage + Color + Toner + Cut + Bond Multiplier+ Style.

Originally $515.

A combo package combines color & balayage/foilayage in one process. After the color base is applied, the stylist adds designed balayage/highlights to the hair, then incorporates toner to blend or enhance the dimensions of the new hair tones. This package is an excellent choice if you want a color refresh with a pop of lights throughout the hair. In addition includes haircut, Olaplex, & style. This package excludes high-contract ombre or hair transformation. This package excludes high-contract ombre or hair transformation.

Salon visit 3-3.1/2 hrs.
Follow up appointment 2-4months 


High Contrast/ Dimensional Package $325

Full Foilayage + 2-4 Color Formulations + Color Meting + Toner + Cut + Bond Multiplier+ Style.

Originally $615

In a high-contrast look or dimensional such as an ombre, the highlights are much lighter than the surrounding hair. Foilayage highlights are added all over the hair. High contrast look is an excellent choice for women looking for a dramatic style with a seamless finish. The colorist  uses 3 to 4 color formulations, bond multiplier, cut, style, color melt, and toner to create the look. A strand test is required before booking this package

Salon visit 3 1/2 - 4 hours
Follow-up appointment 4 to 6 months





Brow Shape $25

Brow tint $25

Brow Shape & Tint $40

Five Minute Neck Massage $15

Ten Minute Head & Neck Massage $20

Hair Straightening/ Magic Sleek $450 




*Pricing for services is set based on experience and education along with demands for stylist time.

*Service prices are as shown and do not include sales tax or gratuity. 

*All credit card transactions will incur a 3% surcharge. To avoid the 3% surcharge, Zelle and check payments are accepted. 

*Up to $30 may apply depending on the length, texture, and density


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