About Me

Discover how I went from being a hairstylist to a REALTOR®️ .

Eleven years ago, my interest in rental properties and the potential for passive income led me to enroll in real estate school. Despite this initial step, I chose to prioritize my established career as a hairstylist, where I had dedicated 18 years.

Over the subsequent nine years, my salon business thrived. However, the onset of the pandemic prompted a strategic decision to downsize the salon, fostering a more personalized, one-on-one customer interaction setting. This period of reflection unveiled a significant realization—what was once a profession in hairstyling had evolved into a genuine hobby and passion.

The intimate, personalized interactions during this time reinforced the importance of authentic connections and community impact. This realization became a catalyst for my decision to pivot towards a new journey in the world of real estate.

Recognizing the consistent topic of real estate discussions in my salon, I decided to revisit my earlier interest. I enrolled in real estate education once again, aiming to merge my entrepreneurial spirit with a fresh commitment to real estate. The objective was clear—to make a positive impact on my community by facilitating real estate transactions and assisting others in generating passive income through real estate.

Equipped with insights from my prior real estate involvements and the distinctive perspective of a salon owner, I made a seamless transition from being a hairstylist to a dedicated REALTOR®️. While my passion and drive thrive in my real estate endeavors, I still maintain hair styling as an enjoyable hobby.

Though the journey faced its challenges, the satisfaction I derive from guiding individuals and families, both as a stylist and a REALTOR®️, has proven immensely rewarding. Today, my fulfillment comes from leveraging my entrepreneurial background and real estate expertise to assist clients in achieving their goals.