5 Surprising Topics to discuss with your hairdresser (before changing your hair color )

5 Surprising Topics to discuss with your hairdresser (before changing your hair color )

Most of the customers we have consulted during the years when it comes to changing the hair color are not aware of what it takes to make significant changes in the hair. 

Below I have listed 5  important fundamentals that each woman needs to know before drastically changing the hair color 

  1. Hair’s integrity.

When going lighter with your hair color, such hi-lighting hair’s integrity is compromised

-The lighter you want to go, the drier the hair will feel and appear. Also

-the darker the base color, the harder it is to lighten without orange. However, it does not mean that you cannot get there. Most of the time, it requires multiple applications.

    2-Hair History

Coloring hair is a science and an art; it takes time and a lot of thinking to create color formulations throughout the process. Formulating applies for toning and coloring

When visiting a salon for the first time, the stylist will need to know the services that were previously performed on hair. So be truthful. TIP, whether you are going dark color to light or light to dark hair color, the hair will need multiple visits to reach the desired level.

High-lightening light too fast will result in dry, brittle, hair that can crack. Most importantly, no matter what service hair goes through, hair treatments are a must to improve the health of the hair. This is mandatory after each hi-lighting service.

    3- Underpigmantations

When choosing to transform hair from dark color to lighter color during the hi-lighting process, hair color goes through the different stages of undertones, such as red, red-orange, orange-gold, gold, blonde than lightest blonde.

Most of the hair types, when processing during the hi-lighting time, hair’s color get stuck on red, orange, and gold. This happens because of 2 reasons

A- the lightener stops working or weakens after 50 minutes,

B- red and orange undertones are the hardest to remove from hair. This is simply the law of color.

So, in this case, you, as a consumer (your hairdresser’s help), should decide whether you want to go lighter or tone down orange pigmentations. If you choose to tone highlights, hair could look darker. If you decide to go lighter again, you are weakening hair fibers.

   4 Hair Treatments

ask your stylist for hair treatments, such as Olaplex, Olaplex “reconnect broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair.” The treatment is called “bond multiplier”, which limits damage to hair during or after coloring. A lot of people with damaged hair have managed to get amazing results from Olaplex. Olaplex treatment can cost $25 - $45 per treatment in addition to your hair services. Or you can use your weekly Free Conditioning treatment with Your Membership here. Click HERE to learn more about hair collagen 

   5-Price & timing

Hair services are individualistic. So ask your hairdresser a total price or a price list, also ask the timing for the services you want to receive before starting. This way, both parties are clear on each other’s expectations.

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