6 Signs It’s Time To Visit Your Balayage Salon

Some of us visit the hair salon, religiously every four or six weeks. You might have the first of every month booked in your hair stylist’s calendar for the upcoming year. Others, though, only make hair appointments as needed. If that sounds like you, then this blog is the perfect guide for knowing when it’s time to call Papillon Blanc salon and schedule an appointment!

6 Signs You Need To Visit Your Birmingham Hair Salon

  1. Your hair is a pain to brush out. If you’ve been noticing more tangles lately, it could mean that your hair is full of split ends or in desperate need of hydration. Our hair salon in Birmingham can give you a much-needed trim and give you a collagen or hair Botox treatment to give your hair a softer, smoother texture.
  2. Your icy blonde locks have turned brassy. Not everyone’s hair will respond to color the same. When that is the case, your hairstylist can put a toner in your hair to tone down brassiness or warmness. After a while, this toner wears off, and you will need a new treatment. If your hair is looking a little brassy, you might not need a full balayage treatment. Sometimes a simple toner can fix it!
  3. Your hair is frizzy or full of split ends. We mentioned this briefly earlier, but a head full of split ends can look frizzy and become unmanageable. Split ends cannot truly be healed and need to be cut off before they damage your hair even more. Our hairstylists can give your hair a quick dusting to get rid of pesky split ends.
  4. You feel like your hair “won’t do anything.” Immediately after a haircut, your hair is likely manageable, smooth, and easy to style. However, as it grows out, your layers might fall in different places, and your haircut will not lay as your stylist intended. At this point, it’s time to come in for a fresh cut!
  5. It’s been more than six weeks since your last visit. To avoid all of the above, we recommend coming in every six weeks for color touch-ups, toners, and trims. At this point, you can talk to your stylist about any issues you’ve been having with your hair. Also, consult with your hairdresser on how to avoid them in the future.
  6. You want to try something new. Frankly, you don’t need any of the reasons above to stop by our balayage salon. The only reason you need is that you’re ready to try something new with your hair. Whether you want to cut it all off, get extensions, or try out a new color for the upcoming season, our Birmingham hair stylists can give you a look you absolutely love.

Come See Us A PB Salon!

Our balayage salon is the best place in Birmingham to get balayage, but it is also the perfect place to receive expert hair services for trims, major cuts, extensions, and anything else you might need. Whether your last salon visit was two weeks ago or two years ago, our hair stylists will send you off with a cut and style you love. BOOK your balayage appointment today

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