Struggling with your blonde hair color? 3 things to consider when going bright blonde

Struggling with your blonde hair color? Three things to consider when going bright blonde

Blonde hair is delicate, high maintenance, and is a LIFESTYLE.  The lighter / brighter your desired blonde color is, the harder it is to achieve it. WHY? Because making gorgeous (no orange) blonde is a specialty. Your Stylist has to be very experienced and specialize in balayage to achieve a bright blonde look. 

A  Hairstylist that specializes in color and balayage in balayage salon will have a mapped out plan in mind on getting you where you want to go before painting your hair. 

3 things to consider when going bright blonde shade

  • 1-patience, patience, patience   

First, the colorist/hairdresser needs to understand your hair type. Is your hair resistant? Is it over-processed? Also, he/she must know your history. Hairstylist needs to know the boundaries and what kind of hair she/he is dealing.

Blonding your hair a little bit at the time is better then blonding it all at once. 

You benefit more from blonding your hair several times throughout the year as opposed to trying to do it all in one or two sessions. 

Not only will your hair look better during this time, but also you are building different blonde dimensions in it, in which you are preparing different shades of blonde for future applications. 


  • 2-your  hair routine. A healthy hair routine is exceptionally essential for your hair. Last week I was consulting with a new guest with a very dark base color that loves to have her hair very light blonde, I was asking her about hair treatment and how often she uses them to keep her hair healthy. Keep in mind that the darker the base color is, the harder it is to achieving blonde hair.  Her answer back was that she did not believe in hair treatments. 

I was wowed because I am a firm believer in hair treatments and hair maintenances. If you are investing your time and money with your hair, why aren’t you nourishing it the right way and keeping it healthy? 

Maintaining your hair with nourishing and strengthening professional products is a must for your blonde hair. Think of it this way:

At home, nourishing hair treatments are the same as a healthy diet is to your body.

 A nourishing diet will help your body build strength and strengthen your immune system. The opposite is also true, a bad diet will weaken your body and in some cases can cause health issues

Healthy hair has integrity built-in, which means you can do more with it, and you will get to enjoy it more.


  • 3-Price

 As I mentioned above, being bright blonde is high maintenance, especially if you start with a darker base color. Because hair can be expensive getting it done at a salon, we have created a membership program so you, as members, can save each time you visit our salon. 

 If you are not familiar with our membership program, I highly suggest you take a minute to look at it. Platinum membership is designed for the woman that require more frequent salon visit that wants to save on their hair maintenance. 

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