Solutions to Help Avoid Orange 🍊 in Your Hair !

We often hear at our salon from our new guests that their hair turns out very gold or orange when they hi-light it.

90% of women that color their hair don’t like to see orange when they look at their hair. Yet a vast majority of them will have orange or gold in their hair.

Below I explain why this happens.

  • Natural depth level:

If the hair is darker than a level 5 or some cases, even level 6 hair will show gold & orange as hair gets blonder.

  • Hair thickness.
If the hair is thick in diameter, of course, this will work against the hi-lighting process, when lifting blonder tones.


  •  First,

be consistent with the balayage lifting and toning process. How frequent you see your hairstylist or colorist should affect the way your blonde will look.

  •  2nd

10-12weeks  balayage hi-light touch-ups are highly recommended for keeping your blonde hair refreshed and looking good.

  •  3rd  

2-3 weeks follow up toning services are highly recommended to keep your gold or orange tones from showing up.

Tip – Weekly at home or at salon treatments are also highly recommended to keep your hair’s integrity healthy.

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