3 Reasons why hair becomes orange when colored or highlighted

The underlying pigments in hair colors are one of the reasons that hair can turn orange during a coloring or highlighting session.

•Unwanted orange 🍊undertones can be so challenging if not formulated correctly. Hair can then become more orange after a few washes.

1-This happens because blue undertones are easily faded by shampooing which allows ❤️red +💛yellow =🧡orange colors to stay into the hair.

2-Red and yellow like to stick to hair longer then other colors which are also the hardest colors to get rid of.

3- Hair can be resistant to lifting colors which is done by hi-lighting or balayage   and / or holding new pigmentations. Which leads to orange hair. Hair that is Resident to hair coloring Or highlighting be effected from you diet or medication.

•Just because one formula worked for your friend does not mean that the same formula it could work for you.

For each individual a specific formulation is needed. THIS is key ! 🔑 make sure that your hair dressers understands your vision as well. 

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