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Full foilayage - highlights are strategically placed all over the head. Full highlights are not to be confused with the hair transformation procedure. 

What is foilayage? 

Foilayage is an advanced highlighting technique. It's a combination of balayage and foiling incorporated for a seamless and brighter effect. 

What is the difference between the foilayage and the balayage application?
The difference between the foilayage and the balayage is the balayage forms a softer finish into the hair, and the foilayage creates a dimensional contrast look.  

Depending on the hair's resistance, foilayage could achieve brighter highlight blonde in fewer salon visits.  

Why do we use foilayage?

Foilayage creates brighter highlighting results, and balayage creates a softer natural style. We use foilayage in-between the balayage to achieve a 3D look or multi-dimensional look. A better way to interpret it is: Hair attains multiple tonalities from the darkest to the lightest, with other tones in between.
Creating a seamless effect in conjunction with 3D or multi-dimensional hair tonalities is our specialty.