Chair Rentals- Available Now!

Hey there, my name is Eda.👋

My mission

As a salon owner, my goal is to create a successful and safe environment for mindlike hairstylists. 

Unlike before, now we are offering hair stations for rent to independent hairstylists. As a business, we are REBRANDING~EVOLVING~GROWNIG! 



Thank you for stopping on this page of my website. My goal is to make your time valuable here. So I am going to be short and sweet :)
Covid 19 and the 2020 lockdown made a dent in the world's history, and it changed everything! We had no choice but to change too and adapt to this new change which we are all in it together!.

Why Choose Chair Rental in a Salon Environment? 


Few months after covid, I conducted research, and I interviewed 118 hairdressers in North America virtually, and the most successful hairdressers choose salon environment rental to work vs. salon suites. The way they explained was like this: 
  • A salon environment allows me to be independent and yet in a sociable, team place.
  • I feel supported by other hairstylists. In the in-salon environment, we all share our ideas, vital for independent hairstylists' growth.
I found that fascinating! So then I decided to create a salon environment where hairstylists are independent. I wanted to create a place that would be safe, accessible & relaxing for them. 
You will feel welcomed & supported here in every way!!. 
Soon we will have a new sign in the front of the building with an up-to-date website where stylists will have their own website and their social media link

Why Choose Papillon Blanc Salon?

Why would a stylist want to work at our salon vs. other salons in the area? And the more I thought about it, the more answers I got.

4 reasons you should join our team 🙌💖


  1. Clean environment, cleanliness is one of our priorities. We put a lot of effort into maintaining our environment clean, which is vital for your customers' comfort and health. 
  2. Not a saturated working area. The salon's chairs are designed in a way that allows the stylists to have a safe social distant working environment which makes it safe for both you as an essential professional and your clients 
  3. Affordable rent in the middle of Birmingham. Please fill out the form below so I can give you further details 
  4. I get phone calls with new customers every day because they want to get their hair done, and due to my full schedule, I have to turn clients away. I would gladly refer customers to stylists in the salon to feel at home and taken care of. 

About the salon and location!

We are a 6 chair salon. The stations are not next to each other, which creates a socially distant safe environment for the stylist and the customer. 
The salon is located in Birmingham's heart, on the Northside of Old Woodward, between Roma Sposa and Carlster. The salon is across from Salvadore Scalopini restaurant. 
The other side of the facility is accessible to the outside, which creates an openness to the building. When you walk out, you will see the Rouge River running through. 
There is parking available on both sides of the building. The parking time is extended up to 12 hours in the back of the building, allowing stylists and customers to not rush during their salon visits. 



How it works 

For More Info Fill Out The Form Below 

When filling out the form include all of your questions. I respond to massages within 48 h